Let It Be

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friday full of sun, like always in the israeli autumn.
i had a day off from my work so i decided to hang out and do a littel shopping (you'll see the acquisitions on the next post).

enjoy the weekend and start the new week with a lot of power until the next weekend.


On This Birthday

well, my birthday was at the 11 to october but only now i have enough time to show you a littel pics from my celebrating :)

i open my bedroom door in the morning and saw this:

so, i start my day with a great breakfast in a place that i love to sit in...and they give us a free sweet potato soup (which, btw was delicious! ).

i bought myself a lipstick ("dark side),  lip primer and a brush cleanser.

my birthday cake (yhe, i know...immature. but you got to admit that's goregeos) made my my beautiful mom :)

i'm not smoking...

it was a birthday full of food and good friends (i have just a little pics...but trust me, that was fun ;) )

^ borekas at 3 pm, after a loooots of alcohol.

^ dinner at a great restaurant.

some presents (i have some more that i want to replace):

well, what can say? that was a really great birthday.
untill the next birthday...
birthday girl :)



יום כיפור, יום של סליחות, חשבון נפש והתחלות חדשות ונקיות.
Yom Kippur, a day of forgivenessintrospection, new and fresh beginnings.

קצת תמונות עם הכובע החדש שלי והחצאית האהובה שלקחתי לאמא שלי.
some pictures with my new hat and a skirt i love so much that I took from my mom

close up:

bag from second hand store ^

a ring that i got from my grandma ^

a ring i got from my mom ^


look what i made this week!
cupcakes!!!!! :)

שנה טובה. שנעשה חשבון נפש ונבקש סליחה לא רק ביום כיפור ובעיקר, שנדע לסלוח.

Shana Tova
. that we will do introspection and ask for forgiveness not only on Yom Kippur and mostly, that we forgive.