Almost Lover

listen all! we have a winter here. like...with the cold and the rain (o.k, it's not really rainy now but we had some and i'm sure it will be) and everything! in israel, it's hot almost all the time and our winter it's not like the winter in...london or something, so, it makes me so happy to freeze a little bit :) 
and of course it's a good chance to wear my sweet, beautiful, cozy sweater!

i wear this outfit and i was just about getting out with a black bag when it hits me! i have a gorgeous bag i never wear before! so, let me present my sweety bag& my cozy sweater with my cute little black dress (the casual version). get ready, they about to go on tour ;)

the bag:

new stuff from ESTEE LAUDER:
double wear liquid eyeliner
natural lip pencil

and i get this cute makeup bag with 3 samples (one of them i gave to my mom)

that's it for now :)
until the next time,


Lilac wine

hello everybody! i was in a big stress in the last few weeks and in the end of all this stress i left my job (in a big israeli fashion company) so if anyone hears about a cool job, let me know ;)
from the next week i'll be free and hopefully i'll be here more then i used to be.

this week my dear mom was at budapest and i got those great presents:

^ NYC mosaic face powder
ESSENCE allover shimmer- blondes& brunettes
MAYBELLINE NEW YORK one by one volum' express mascara
RIMMEL liquid liner

look at those beautiful cookies!

until the next time,


November Rain

one of my favorite songs :)
in the last few days i was in my home, sick...every winter, in the begining, it happens... i'm. sick.
in those days when my pajamas is my BFF i have some new BFF that join our club:

my adorable new shoes :)

so, before me and my pajamas had a long quality time i bought my dear new coat (ZARA):

i hope all of us will be healthy and happy again...
until the next time,


skinny love

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Bon Iver - Skinny Love

winter is here :)

and i've got a new beautiful shoes

it was a really difficult week for my but i hope this weekend will make the new week better.
wish you a great weekend