a moment before the new year

the fireworks show!!! funny thing by maayan kobi and myself :)

moment before the new year coming, it's time to take a look on past year.
i must say that it was a great year and full of changes! i looked at the pictures and realized how much has changed!
i open this year in "Taglit"  (birthright) project. and i had such a great time! really, BIG fun! 
in taglit it was my first time in the "dead sea" (yep, i live in israel my whole life, and my first time in the "dead sea" was only when i was 20 years old!)

after taglit i returned to my base (in the army...)and got my rank of sergeant!!!

and after 3 months i released from the army. one of the best times of my life!!! 

since then i had a LOT of fun. i've been a lot of time with my best friends celebrating every little thing (like my birthday!!!), we went to good concerts and mostly, like i said- had a lot of fun!


happy holidays!

happy holidays friends :)
in those days i'm celebrating hanuka (in this holiday we eat a l-o-t of sweet and greasy food! that's great now and big problem in the gym...) 

i start to work in a new job (after i left my old one...) so don't have a lot of time to be here but i am doing my best and i will love to hear from you what do you want to read in my blog? what do you wanna see more?
i received a message that ask me to see more pics of myself so i am trying ;)
and again, thank you for all of your comment, it means a lot to me :) 

so, those pics are from my grandma house (and room) and we laughed so much when we got them, i'm sure you'll see this in the pics ;)

i found this cute & cozy top from victoria's secrets and felt like i have to wear this sweety!

that's it for today...
until the next time,
happy holidays!


Lady In Red

this day it's all about new beginnings. hopefully a good beginnings with a big smile :)
with this red coat, how can i not smile?

I apologize that some of the pictures are blurred :/ i need to buy new camera! (or : give me reason to do big shopping...)

until the next time,


How high the moon

Jazz. Everyday I wake up with a song in my head.
I knew this song when I was at high school (late huh?) and immediately fell in love!
Since the day I knew this beautiful Ella Fitzgerald song, every time I hear it- I have a big smile on my face and I hope all of you will smile when they will hear it :)

So, today I wore little black dress (One of the most useful items I have for the winter) with a buttoned blouse on her and my precious tights (*drums sound*) :

And of course THE bag:

Have a great week!!!
until the next time,


In The Arms Of An Angel

this saturday, i want to one of my favorite events- "the every holiday" holiday. this holiday is a big festival in Haifa (beautiful city in israel), in this festival we celebrating the holidays of the 3 religions .we celebrating hanukah, christmas and the ramadan.
i love this festival and i'm going every year to enjoy our "together" feeling that i love so much in this city.

small part in the street^

pink suitcase! ^

stalls in the street ^

beautiful wall painting in the Wadi.

cute kids playing ^


so we had a long walk, great food, new stuff, and of course the beautiful places in the "wadi", an arab neighborhood in haifa.
i got to a beautiful house and took some pictures. unfortunately the owners of this beautiful place didn't want to be photographed so you have me in there house ;)

some new stuff:

ethnic bracelet ^

oversized buttoned shirts ^

^ gorgeous bag.


that was a great weekend, and hopefully it will be a great week to all of us.
until the next time,