it's time for africa!!!

hello my friends!!! :)
it's been a realy long time since i've been here.
the main reason is the fact that i went to south africa (capetown) to travel with my boyfriend after 4 month (!) that i haven't seen him.

this trip was my "after army" trip, almost every israeli man/woman that been in the army go to some long trip to refresh themselfs :)
my trip was quite short, only one and a half month (most of the people do, at least, 6 months).

it was an AMAZING trip, i lived with my boyfriend in some gorgeous apartment, we had a view straight to the ocean.
we did a little road trip and visited a lot of cool places.

and now some photos :)

from the safari: 

from the world highest bungy:

that's it for now.
your gonna see me a-lot now :)

hope you'll join me here,
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until the next time,