a moment before the new year

the fireworks show!!! funny thing by maayan kobi and myself :)

moment before the new year coming, it's time to take a look on past year.
i must say that it was a great year and full of changes! i looked at the pictures and realized how much has changed!
i open this year in "Taglit"  (birthright) project. and i had such a great time! really, BIG fun! 
in taglit it was my first time in the "dead sea" (yep, i live in israel my whole life, and my first time in the "dead sea" was only when i was 20 years old!)

after taglit i returned to my base (in the army...)and got my rank of sergeant!!!

and after 3 months i released from the army. one of the best times of my life!!! 

since then i had a LOT of fun. i've been a lot of time with my best friends celebrating every little thing (like my birthday!!!), we went to good concerts and mostly, like i said- had a lot of fun!


happy holidays!

happy holidays friends :)
in those days i'm celebrating hanuka (in this holiday we eat a l-o-t of sweet and greasy food! that's great now and big problem in the gym...) 

i start to work in a new job (after i left my old one...) so don't have a lot of time to be here but i am doing my best and i will love to hear from you what do you want to read in my blog? what do you wanna see more?
i received a message that ask me to see more pics of myself so i am trying ;)
and again, thank you for all of your comment, it means a lot to me :) 

so, those pics are from my grandma house (and room) and we laughed so much when we got them, i'm sure you'll see this in the pics ;)

i found this cute & cozy top from victoria's secrets and felt like i have to wear this sweety!

that's it for today...
until the next time,
happy holidays!


Lady In Red

this day it's all about new beginnings. hopefully a good beginnings with a big smile :)
with this red coat, how can i not smile?

I apologize that some of the pictures are blurred :/ i need to buy new camera! (or : give me reason to do big shopping...)

until the next time,


How high the moon

Jazz. Everyday I wake up with a song in my head.
I knew this song when I was at high school (late huh?) and immediately fell in love!
Since the day I knew this beautiful Ella Fitzgerald song, every time I hear it- I have a big smile on my face and I hope all of you will smile when they will hear it :)

So, today I wore little black dress (One of the most useful items I have for the winter) with a buttoned blouse on her and my precious tights (*drums sound*) :

And of course THE bag:

Have a great week!!!
until the next time,


In The Arms Of An Angel

this saturday, i want to one of my favorite events- "the every holiday" holiday. this holiday is a big festival in Haifa (beautiful city in israel), in this festival we celebrating the holidays of the 3 religions .we celebrating hanukah, christmas and the ramadan.
i love this festival and i'm going every year to enjoy our "together" feeling that i love so much in this city.

small part in the street^

pink suitcase! ^

stalls in the street ^

beautiful wall painting in the Wadi.

cute kids playing ^


so we had a long walk, great food, new stuff, and of course the beautiful places in the "wadi", an arab neighborhood in haifa.
i got to a beautiful house and took some pictures. unfortunately the owners of this beautiful place didn't want to be photographed so you have me in there house ;)

some new stuff:

ethnic bracelet ^

oversized buttoned shirts ^

^ gorgeous bag.


that was a great weekend, and hopefully it will be a great week to all of us.
until the next time,


Almost Lover

listen all! we have a winter here. like...with the cold and the rain (o.k, it's not really rainy now but we had some and i'm sure it will be) and everything! in israel, it's hot almost all the time and our winter it's not like the winter in...london or something, so, it makes me so happy to freeze a little bit :) 
and of course it's a good chance to wear my sweet, beautiful, cozy sweater!

i wear this outfit and i was just about getting out with a black bag when it hits me! i have a gorgeous bag i never wear before! so, let me present my sweety bag& my cozy sweater with my cute little black dress (the casual version). get ready, they about to go on tour ;)

the bag:

new stuff from ESTEE LAUDER:
double wear liquid eyeliner
natural lip pencil

and i get this cute makeup bag with 3 samples (one of them i gave to my mom)

that's it for now :)
until the next time,


Lilac wine

hello everybody! i was in a big stress in the last few weeks and in the end of all this stress i left my job (in a big israeli fashion company) so if anyone hears about a cool job, let me know ;)
from the next week i'll be free and hopefully i'll be here more then i used to be.

this week my dear mom was at budapest and i got those great presents:

^ NYC mosaic face powder
ESSENCE allover shimmer- blondes& brunettes
MAYBELLINE NEW YORK one by one volum' express mascara
RIMMEL liquid liner

look at those beautiful cookies!

until the next time,