all along the watchtower

Blogs usually shows the beautiful and sweet side of life. In this post I will prove myself that I can present a difficult period as a period with a smile. Of course, between all the difficulties there are moments of smiles and joy.

So here are some pictures of recent purchases: 

^ h&m

^ 24/7

)special macaroons for Israel Independence Day (last week.

:and some random pics

until the next time



passover and the flower exhibition

so, in those days we are celebrating passover in israel.
as a child the thing i loved the most in this holiday was the long vacation we had from school but as an adult i discovered that most  people work! so, i'm working in two jobs now! my regular job and in the flower exhibition (only for this week). before i start work there they gave us a little tour in the place (before everything was ready for visitors).

i wore a white skinny jeans (h&m), denim shirt, camel shows and a "a shark's tooth" nacklace (not real of course!).

and here we have some pics from the "passover seder"

and for the end let me show you a great vegan salad made by me & my two good friends from work:

and present from my mom :)

that's it for this time :)