happy holidays!

happy holidays friends :)
in those days i'm celebrating hanuka (in this holiday we eat a l-o-t of sweet and greasy food! that's great now and big problem in the gym...) 

i start to work in a new job (after i left my old one...) so don't have a lot of time to be here but i am doing my best and i will love to hear from you what do you want to read in my blog? what do you wanna see more?
i received a message that ask me to see more pics of myself so i am trying ;)
and again, thank you for all of your comment, it means a lot to me :) 

so, those pics are from my grandma house (and room) and we laughed so much when we got them, i'm sure you'll see this in the pics ;)

i found this cute & cozy top from victoria's secrets and felt like i have to wear this sweety!

that's it for today...
until the next time,
happy holidays!


  1. oh you have such great blog, i really like it! :*

  2. Beautiful images, I love this post.
    I hope you are having an amazing time for the holidays next to your beloved ones.
    Do you want to follow each other? This is me Tereza from http://drastic-plastic-fantastic-plastic.blogspot.com/

  3. beautiful dear,
    love ur bag as well


  4. cuute! love cozy sweaters



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